KYOKUYO, as credited seafoods company,intoroduce "Frozen Sushi", "Frozen SushiTopping" and Prepared Food". As these products are manufactured with the technical know-how and expertise built up for many years,we assure of quality and safety of our products.

Since its inception in 1937, KYOKUYO has worked hard and established itself as a major seafood company worldwide, providing safe and secured marine products and processed food products customers throughout world. Our net-work around world make it possible to feed us the most up -date information and to provide our customers with the highest quality seafood available.

KYOKUYO EUROPE B.V. is one of group companies of KYOKUYO CO., LTD. The main business of KYOKUYO EUROPE B.V. is sales and marketing for seafoods.

Polar Seas Frozen Sushi representents an entirely new level of quality in frozen sushi. The fish tastes fresher and the newly developed "Frozen Sushi Rice" is more tender anddelicious than any frozen sushi product ever offered before.It is not only convenient, easy-to-prepare,and affordable, but the freezing process also ensures that the fish is safe to eat for up to one year when properly stored.

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